Congratulations to 12 Blue for their 1st Place finish Feb 2!

Congratulations to our UNDEFEATED 14s team for their
1st Place finish Jan 26th!

CONGRATS to our AIM 12 Black team for their 1st Place finish in the Silver bracket at City of Oaks

Congrats to Aim 12 Blue for their 1st place finish in the Silver bracket at WinterBump

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From the Coach’s Desk


Dear Parents and Players:

I have loved the sport of volleyball for as long as I can remember. My passion for volleyball has only grown stronger over time as I’ve watched so many young girls grow into more confident young women. The sport gives them faith in themselves to deal with successes as well as disappointments. They learn self-control and often establish lifelong relationships. So, after many years of coaching for some great clubs, I took a leap of faith to go out on my own! That’s how AIM Volleyball came to be. Here’s what I believe sets us apart from other clubs:

  • Our size: We’re small enough to provide individual attention and instruction to every single team player, from our 12s to our 16s.
  • Our fee structure: We have worked very hard to keep our fees affordable. We understand young families have many other financial obligations required to raise children.
  • Our commitment to a quality experience: We focus on a competitive experience while generating an awareness and appreciation for self, family, friends, and community. Our AIM is to foster a true love of the sport!

Nancy Cates, Founder and President

I played with Coach Nancy for 2 years, and over those 2 years I learned more about the game of volleyball than ever before. She is a coach that incorporates not only volleyball skills, but also leadership, teamwork, and determination into her players.

Leah T.

I can’t thank Coach Nancy enough for bringing my love for volleyball back after a bad club season! She is very supportive and positive. She has a lot of knowledge about the game and has taught me many things that I have carried with me into my collegiate career!

Caroline C.

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  • Our volleyballs are branded by Bull City Tees.

AIM Volleyball serving Orange, Person, Durham and Alamance counties